4 September 2012

Call for Proposals

The IAI is pleased to announce a Call for Proposals that supplements and  expands the CRN3 program. This call is issued in recognition of the importance of using, preserving, and managing ecosystems and their
services under global change for the benefit of present and future generations.

Given the importance of ecosystem service provision and ecosystem  degradation under global change, the IAI is calling for proposals with the expectation that projects will provide a strong integration across  disciplines and between the natural and social sciences, and provide strategies to engage decision-makers in a meaningful way. Project outcomes should provide relevant knowledge on the management of  ecosystems, understanding of ecosystem services and inform decision-making required for sustainability.

Please find enclosed the Call for Proposals. Deadline for submission:  November 15, 2012
Consultations: please direct all queries to
Program Manager, Ione Anderson: phone 55 12 3208 6869, ianderson@dir.iai.int

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