18 July 2012

Pos doc Position in Toulouse-France

Post-doctoral / Engineering position at the interface between cell biology and physics The Institute of Pharmacology and Structural Biology ( http://www.ipbs.fr/?-Career-Opportunities- ) is proud to announce an opening for a postdoctoral position in the research team of “Differentiation and activation of phagocytes” led by Dr. Isabelle Maridonneau-Parini. The central objective for this position is to develop new strategies in order to study the mechanosensing properties of podosomes in macrophages.
Podosomes are particular adhesion structures involved in proteolysis of the extracellular matrix and migration in 3-dimensional environments. Our group has recently developed an original and innovative approach involving atomic force microscopy and the use of elastic films allowing the dynamic measurement of  podosome stiffness (Labernadie et al. PNAS 2010) and of the force generated by these structures (Labernadie et al. manuscript in preparation).

The candidate will develop new tools to understand how mechanical forces are applied by podosomes along with the implementation of different approaches including micro- and nanocontact printing, fluorescence microscopy techniques (FRET, FRAP, photoablation, TIRF), and molecular and cell biology. The ideal candidate will be knowledgeable and have proven experience in biophysics and in cell biology.

The position is now open and the candidate can start as soon as September 1st 2012. The contract tenure is set ideally for three years, and its salary can range between 24000-28000€/year depending on the  candidate’s experience and in accordance with the French state public service salary scale.
Social security and health benefits are included. Interested applicants should submit a motivation letter, a curriculum vitae including a full list of publications and at least two references by September 15, 2012 to recrutement_ir2012@ipbs.fr. Submissions should include the mailing label “Postdoctoral position”.

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