26 May 2012

PhD disponibles en francia

Equipe : Molecular mechanisms underlying mesenchymal cell differentiation
Characterization of the regulatory network that controls the differentiation of smooth muscle progenitors.
Our group aims to understand the mechanisms that control the differentiation of smooth muscle progenitors in the context of the mouse ureter (Caubit et al., 2008; Lye et al., 2010; Jenkins et al., 2010). Our recent experimental findings from gene expression studies, organ culture, and phenotypic characterization of mouse mutants have resulted in the identification of families of transcription factors that seem to form a network and participate to the control of kidney and urinary tract development. Moreover, recent data indicate that these transcription factors may cooperate to regulate some key processes in urogenital development. In this project, the candidate will employ a combined molecular and genetic approach to characterize the role of this network in controlling the differentiation of smooth muscle progenitors. In addition, these studies will provide new insights into how the mammalian ureter develops and is expected lead to the identification of novel genes underlying congenital abnormalities of the kidney and urinary tract (CAKUT) syndrome in human patients.
Keywords : mouse, ureter, smooth muscle, CAKUT
Contact : Laurent Fasano : laurent.fasano@univ-amu.fr

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