13 March 2012


Grupo PIMA (Polimeros y Materiales Avanzados
 Contacto correo-e:vitores@uji.es
We have been granted a Santiago Grisolia Fellowship and are looking for a candidate interested in doing with us his/her PhD research project.  The fellowship lasts for 3 years (1.200 euros/month gross) and is addressed to recent graduates from a non Spanish University.

What are we looking for

We are looking for a PhD candidate to conduct research in a project related to our research lines in: functional coatings and corrosion protection.  We want someone with outstanding academic achievements, highly committed to research, sound command of English language and previous experience abroad (Erasmus or other exchange scheme).

You need to fulfill the following requirements:
Bachelor in Science or Bachelor in Engineering, in a related area (Materials, Corrosion, or Chemistry).
Studies concluded no sooner than January 2010.
Degree granted by a NON Spanish University.

What can we offer

Up to 1.600 euros for relocation expenses
Fellowship of 1.200 euros/month (gross)
Up to 1.200 euros to cover your Master Degree Studies

The  fellowship  has  a  duration  of  up  to  3  years.    You are expected  to  start approximately in May‐July 2012.

How to proceed if you are interested

Check that you fulfill all the requirements
Send by April 10th 2012, to researchgrouppima@gmail.com a scanned version of the following information:

   Declaration of fulfilling the requirements (template shortly here)
   Copy (in Spanish or English) of your transcripts
   Updated CV
   Documents proving your knowledge of English or/and Spanish
   2 Recommendation letters

 If you are pre-selected we will arrange a skype interview and inform you on the next steps to follow.


   Emails to a different address will be disregarded
   Only pre-selected candidates will be contacted
   We cannot guarantee we can be able to answer your questions

Información complementaria de la oferta:
PIMA is a young research group founded in 2010, gathering researchers at the Univerisity of Castellon that had been previously working together. We all share common research interests, and a common understanding of the role of a public University.

Our expertise lies in the area of Materials Sciences and Engineering, and our work is structured in five lines: Polymers for the packaging industry, Polymers for clean energy, Materials for biomedical applications, Functional coatings, and Corrosion protection.

You can find more information about us: http://pima.uji.es

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