29 November 2012


Fundación IMDEA Alimentación
 Contacto correo-e:francesco.visioli@imdea.org
IMDEA-Alimentacion Institute (Madrid) is looking for a Ramón y Cajal candidate (for further information BOE de 24 de octubre de 2012 (nº 256, págs. 75232-75290). The ideal candidate has experience in molecular biology as applied to the study of micronutrients. Ability to carry out independent research and attract extra-mural funds is a must.
Address candidatures to Francesco Visioli, PhD at francesco.visioli@imdea.org, before Nov 22 2012.

Información complementaria de la oferta:
The IMDEA Food is a research center focused on food, nutrition and health. The main objective of Food IMDEA is to initiate and coordinate research excellence in this area of knowledge, using a multidisciplinary approach and collaboration with academia and industry, focusing on approaches that can lead to a benefit of society.
It main objective is the implementation of research activities, technological development and innovation in the area of nutrition, food and health.

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