13 November 2012

Postdoc disponible en Francia

Post-doc position in Developmental Biology Development and evolution of median fin in chordates

A post-doc position is available in the group of Sébastien DARRAS. The group has been recently established at the marine station of Banyuls-sur-mer. 
We are interested in the molecular control of the ascidian Ciona intestinalis embryogenesis.  Our focus is on gene networks involved in patterning and differentiation of larval tail epidermis that gives rise to peripheral sensory neurons and median fin blades. We want to use the diversity of basal marine chordate species (tunicates and cephalochordates) available at the marine station to probe the evolution of median fin formation.

The post-doctoral research project aims at comparing at genomic and functional levels the  same developmental process in multiple species. Strong background in developmental and molecular biology, as well as curiosity are required. Experience with non-conventional model organisms will be appreciated.

Funding  by  the  French  Research  Agency  (ANR)  is  avalaible immediately, but applicants are expected to apply for their own financial support. 

Contact: Sébastien DARRAS (sebastien.darras@obs-banyuls.fr)
Laboratoire de Biologie Intégrative des Organismes Marins (BIOM)
Observatoire Océanologique de Banyuls
Avenue du Fontaulé
66650 Bany

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