6 September 2012

Postdoc position in Paris

Postdoctoral position
High spatiotemporal Resolution microscopy to follow mRNAs ribonucleoparticles, from 
their biogenesis to their nuclear export in living Yeast cells.
A 2-years postdoctoral position funded by the Labex WHO AM I is available in the team of C. 
Dargemont at the Institut Jacques Monod (CNRS/Université Paris Diderot). This will be a 
collaborative project with teams of  P. Hersen (Matiere et Systemes complexes, CNRS/ 
Université Paris Diderot) and J. Salamero/C. Kervrann ( Serpico-PICT IBiSA; Institut CurieINRIA). 
Start date is between September and December 2012.

The interdisciplinary project proposes to combine the development of innovative superresolution 
methods, bioimage informatics approaches and genetic engineering in order to image 
the export-competent mRNP formation in yeast cells with time regimes compatible with kinetics 
to be observed and space resolution adapted to the limited size of the yeast nucleus.

The candidate will beneficiate from the combined expertise of Salamero’s, Kervrann’s, 
Dargemont’s and Hersen’s teams in bioimaging, bioimage informatics, mRNP biogenesis and 
nuclear export, and microfluidics applied to yeast biology.

The ideal candidate would have proven an in deep knowledge in photonic microscopy (optics, 
particle tracking, signal treatment) and eventually in biophysics but will be localized in a biology 

Interested candidates should send a motivation letter, a CV, a list of publications and three 
reference letters to C. Dargemont (dargemont.catherine@ijm.univ-paris-diderot.fr).

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