6 September 2012

Postdoc position in Montpellier-France

Single Molecule Biophysics Group
Structure and Dynamics of Membrane Assemblies
Centre de Biochimie Structurale*, UMR5048 CNRS, U1054 INSERM

Post-Doctoral Position in Single Molecule Fluorescence Microscopy
A 2 years post-doctoral position is  available at The “Single Molecule 
Biophysics” group in Montpellier (France) to study molecular mechanisms involved 
in Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) entry. Our approach is multidisciplinary, bringing together 
virologists specialist in HCV and biophysicists using  state-of-the-art fluorescence 
single-molecule techniques. The project is funded by  a French Research Funding 
Agency (ANRS – Agence Nationale de Recherches sur le SIDA et les Hépatites 

The project led by L. Cocquerel (Pasteur Institute, Lille) and P.E. Milhiet (CBS, 
Montpellier) aims to elucidate the dynamics and partitioning of transmembrane 
proteins implicated in HCV entry. These objectives will be achieved by the 
integration of  single-molecule tracking experiments (1,2) and super resolution 
microscopy (PALM and STORM) recently developed at the CBS (see the platform 

These experiments will be combined with  protein silencing and generation of cell 
lines. The successful candidate will be mainly involved in the biophysics 
experiments and should have a PhD in biology or physics and experience in singlemolecule 
fluorescence experiments. Previous experience with cell biology will be 
considered favorably.

Please send full CV including research interests and the name of 2-3 referees 
by e-mail to: Pierre-Emmanuel Milhiet (pem@cbs.cnrs.fr, phone: 33 467417917), 
CBS, Montpellier, France.
*  CBS (http://www.cbs.cnrs.fr) is an Institute  dedicated to  research at the forefront of 
structural biology and biophysics as a means to reveal the fundamental physical mechanisms 
underlying biological activity and its regulation. It is recognize as an IBISA platform with facilities in 
nmr, crystallography, bioinformatics and biophysics. Montpellier is a stunning city on the French 
Riviera with a significant international community.

1) Espenel et al. (2008) J Cell Biol 182, 765-776.
2) Krementsov et al (2010) Traffic 11, 1401-1414.

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