3 August 2012

Posicion posdoctoral

Farzan Nadim ofrece una posición posdoctoral en el Departamento de Mathematical Sciences de la Rutgers University.

We seek a postdoctoral research associate to join an NIH funded project at the Federated Department of Biological Sciences NJIT/Rutgers-Newark on the role of preferred frequencies of neurons and synapses in producing network oscillations. Neuromodulators shape the activity of all neural networks by modifying properties of neurons and synapses. Yet only in a few model systems it is possible to connect changes at the cellular level to novel network outputs.
This project combines experimental recordings and computational analysis.
Experimental recordings involve electrophysiology to record CPG neurons in the crab stomatogastric nervous system to characterize frequency-dependent properties of neurons and synapses and their modification by neuromodulators.
These measurements will be used to fit existing and new models of network activity with the goal of understanding the dynamic process of shaping network oscillations by neuromodulators.
Please send CV, cover letter and two letters of reference to Farzan Nadim at farzan@andromeda.rutgers.edu.

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