3 August 2012

PhD-positions within the coordinated action GENESYS:

                                                            PhD-position 1:

                               ‘Instruments to develop successful system innovations‘

Location within ILVO

Name of Unit:                           Social Sciences Unit (SSU)
Research Area:                         Farm and Sector Development
Scientific Director:                     Ludwig Lauwers
ILVO Promotor and Contact:           Koen Mondelaers
Address:           Burg. Van Gansberghelaan 115 bus2
                         9820 Merelbeke, Belgium
e-mail:            koen.mondelaers@ilvo.vlaanderen.be
  tel:               +32 9 272 23 69

Specific objectives

PhD   1 investigates  and  develops   instruments   to develop   successful  system   innovations.  This PhD   thereby
implements    the  methodological   objective  of the  GENESYS    project: to  devise  instruments  that  support  the
development of successful system innovations. Empirical testing of these instruments is achieved by means of the
three case studies (see PhD 2, 3 and 4) which focus on the thematic objective of the GENESYS  project. Extensive
support is provided by ILVO’s Social Sciences Unit and other units.

The  following  methodological    challenges  are  elaborated   in the  socio-economic    PhD  on  system   innovation

•  A  literature study  of the  different  models and  concepts for  system  innovation.  Examples are  socio-technical
   systems, technological  innovation systems, triple  helix innovation, open innovation, co-evolution, co-creation,
    and others.

•  Work to  combine these  models and  concepts  into a workable  concept for  by-products. Amongst  others, this
    means identification of  instruments for  steering  and  monitoring as well  as the  elaboration  of a generic  road
    map based on cases of success and failure from within the GENESYS project and outside it.

•   Monitoring of the process of system innovation for the three case studies.

•   Design and study of the multistakeholder and participatory processes within the three cases.

•   Provision of instruments for the execution of socio-economic analyses within the three cases (methods for ex
    ante  cost-benefit  analyses,  for  analysis of  innovation   acceptation  and   for the  design   of  institutional
    arrangements within the stakeholder networks formed).

Our offer

The Social Sciences  Unit of ILVO, located at  Merelbeke,  Belgium, is a young  multidisciplinary research group with
over 30 researchers. We execute socially relevant scientific research within the context of sustainable agriculture
and rural development.

You  will receive  considerable  personal   responsibility within a  dynamic   working  environment    with  attractive
working conditions.

                                                              PhD-positie 2:

                                  ‘Valorisatietraject voor plantaardige nevenstromen‘

Location within ILVO

Name of Unit:                          Technology & Food Science Unit
Research Area:                         Product quality & innovation
Scientific Director:                   Marc De Loose
ILVO Promotor and Contact:             Bart Van Droogenbroeck
                   Address:            Burg. Van Gansberghelaan 115, 9820 Merelbeke
                   E-mail:             bart.vandroogenbroeck@ilvo.vlaanderen.be
                   Phone:              +32 9 272 28 39

Specific objectives

The  research for  PhD 2 will focus on the development of a valorization  process for  plant-derived by-products and
waste. The objective of this  PhD thus fits seamlessly with the thematic focus of the GENESYS project: valorization
of by-products.

Plant-based by-products from vegetable, fruit and potato production have a high moisture content, which  makes
them subject to  rapid decay. Moreover, these  by-products are not available year-round. At the same time, these
by-products contain many valuable components that could lead to a product with a higher added value. Currently,
the known by-products from vegetable, fruit and potato production remain unused and are either reapplied to the
field or are used for animal feed or energy production.

Before  higher added  value  can  be extracted  from  these  by-products, some  problems  need to  be  resolved. The
practical part of this PhD research will address the following questions:

•   Which plant-derived by-products in Flanders are most relevant and have the potential to lead to products with
    a higher added value?
•   How can a number of selected plant-derived by-products be stabilised without significant loss of quality?
•   Which types of processes and products can be developed in an economically cost-effective way, starting from
    the (stabilised) plant-derived by-products?

Besides   the  more   technical   aspects  of  stabilisation, process-   and  product   design,   many   questions   remain
unanswered, such  as  cost  efficiency,  logistics (e.g. fit  within  the  (farm) enterprise  or  potential cooperation with
other  stakeholders)  and  institutional  hindrances  (e.g.  regulations on  functional  food  and food  supplements). As
such,  these  social,  socio-economic  and   institutional  aspects  will also be  considered   in  close  cooperation  with
experts and PhD 1.

Our offer

ILVO’s Technology &  Food Science  Unit, located in Merelbeke,  Belgium, is a multidisciplinary research unit with a
combination of over 20 junior  and senior  researchers. We conduct socially  relevant scientific  research within the
context  of  sustainable  agriculture  and  food   production.  At  the  location  in  Melle, a  well-equipped    pilot  food
processing plant called the Food Pilot is available for the practical aspects of process and product design. Technical
expertise is also available in-house from the Agricultural Engineering research group.

You  will  receive  considerable   personal   responsibility  within  a dynamic    working   environment    with  attractive
working conditions.

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