5 July 2012

Post-doc Position for Bioinformatician

Epigenetics in alternative splicing

Alternative splicing is an important process to generate protein diversity that affects the vast majority of human genes. In the past few years, transcriptional regulators, chromatin conformation and non-coding RNAs have been shown to play a role in the regulation of alternative splicing1,2. Genome-wide studies showed a non-random distribution of histone and DNA modifications along genes, with special enrichment at exons. We recently found that histone marks directly regulate alternative splicing via recruitment of splicing factors by chromatin-adaptor complexes3. To continue these studies in my laboratory at the Institute of Human Genetics (IGH-CNRS), I am looking for a highly motivated and creative post-doctoral fellow with strong background in bioinformatics and expertise in analyzing complex ChIP-seq and RNA-seq data. IGH is a very stimulating international institute in an extremely charming and sunny city, Montpellier (South of France).
If interested, please send a CV, e-mail contact for three reference letters and a brief cover letter stating research interests and career goals to Reini F. Luco (lucoigh@gmail.com)

1 Luco RF, Allo M, Schor IE, Kornblihtt AR & Misteli T (2011) Cell 144: 16-26.
2 Luco RF and Misteli T (2011) Curr Opin Genet Dev 21(4): 366-72
3 Luco RF, Pan Q, Tominaga K, Blencowe BJ, Pereira-Smith O & Misteli T (2010) Science 327:996-1000

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