14 May 2012

“Río Ortega” Research Candidate in Breast Cancer

 Contacto correo-e:mapujana@iconcologia.net
“Río Ortega” Research Candidate in Breast Cancer

We seek for an excellent and highly motivated investigator that is willing to apply for a “Río Ortega” contract with our research group. Candidate’s prerequisites include:

1.      Título oficial de especialidad médica (MIR), farmacéutica (FIR), o del certificado oficial de especialidad en biología (BIR), química (QUIR) o bioquímica.
2.      Haber finalizado el programa de Formación Sanitaria Especializada que habilita para participar en la convocatoria de esta modalidad durante el año 2007 o posteriores.

For detailed information please visit the “ISCIII, Recursos Humanos” web page. The research group is situated within the Catalan Institute of Oncology (Bellvitge Institute for Biomedical Research, IDIBELL). The Institute offers strong interactive environment and various excellent opportunities for collaborative research exists within the institute and the surrounding Hospital area. Interested applicants are encouraged to apply with an email containing your curriculum vitae, and names and contact information of two references to Miquel Àngel Pujana via e-mail: mapujana@iconcologia.net.

Información complementaria de la oferta:
Recent publications by the group:
Maxwell et al. (2011). Interplay between BRCA1 and RHAMM Regulates Epithelial Apicobasal Polarization and May Influence Risk of Breast Cancer. PLoS Biology Nov;9(11):e1001199.
Martrat et al. (2011). Exploring the link between MORF4L1 and risk of breast cancer. Breast Cancer Research 13(2):R40.
Aguilar et al. (2010). Biological reprogramming in acquired resistance to endocrine treatment of breast cancer. Oncogene 29(45):6071-83.

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