18 May 2012

POSITION AVAILABLE at the I2PC in Microscopy

Instruct Image Processing Center

 Contacto correo-e:i2pc@cnb.csic.es

Background: INSTRUCT is the European Strategic Initiative in the area of Structural Biology (www.instruct-fp7.eu). It is organized around 5 Core Centers and a similar number of Centers. During 2009 the Biocomputing Unit (BCU) of the CNB-CSIC won the international competition to become the "INSTRUCT Center for Image Processing in Biology", starting its operation during 2010 and providing the context for this opening of positions. The BCU is well known in the area of three dimensional electron microscopy, with over 150 publications in the area, including public domains suites of programs and very popular image processing methods. The I2PC is focus on developing services for the structural-biologist community as 3DEMbenchmark (http://i2pc.cnb.csic.es/3dembenchmark/), Scipion or Pepper (http://biocomp.cnb.csic.es/das/PeppeR/).

For further information go to (http://biocomp.cnb.csic.es/  and http://xmipp.cnb.csic.es/ and http://i2pc.cnb.csic.es/)

Profiles needed: We are looking for a technically oriented candidate (engineer, physicist, mathematician, computer scientist….) to work in the area of development of a java-based platform for image processing in microscopy. Skills in Java, Python and web services and workflow technologies as well as some previous technical experience or a background on electron microscopy would be a plus.

Interested candidates send CV and letter of interest to i2pc@cnb.csic.es before 25 May 2012

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