22 March 2012

PhD student positions, Uppsala, Sweden

Three PhD student positions are open in limnology at Uppsala University, Sweden

    Ecological informatics, see http://www.uu.se/jobb/phd-students/annonsvisning?languageId=1&tarContentId=175963 . Contact person is Alexander Eiler, alexander.eiler@ebc.uu.se

    Degradation of organic matter, see http://www.uu.se/jobb/phd-students/annonsvisning?tarContentId=175951&languageId=1 . Contact person is Lars Tranvik, lars.tranvik@ebc.uu.se

    Gas exchange between sediments and water, see http://www.uu.se/jobb/phd-students/annonsvisning?tarContentId=175945&languageId=1 . Contact person is Sebastian Sobek, sebastian.sobek@ebc.uu.se

The limnology program at Uppsala University provides a highly international environment, and conducts leading research on inland waters with focus on biogeochemistry and carbon cycling, microbial ecology, and food web interactions. For more information about us, please visit: www.ebc.uu.se/forskning/IEG/limno/?languageId=1

All three positions are 4 years, and include postgraduate training at the Evolutionary Biology Centre of Uppsala University.

Application deadline: April 10, 2012.

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