13 February 2012

RIIP-Info: Calls for application and proposal

1) Postdoctoral position in the Laboratory of /Trypanosoma/ Infectious Processes, Infection & Epidemiology Department

A postdoctoral fellowship is available to join the laboratory of /Trypanosoma/ Infectious Process at the Institut Pasteur in Paris, France, to work on a project funded by the Foundation for Medical Research (FRM) . To apply for this position, candidates must have a Ph.D. in biomedical Sciences and a scientific experience in the field of host-microorganism interaction (preferably with parasites) using /in vivo/ immunobiological approaches. Proven skills in cellular biology, particularly with /in vitro/ models of infection, are essential prerequisites for the further optimization and preclinical developmentof chemical compounds. Experience in biochemistry will be appreciated. Proficiency in French and English is required.

Interested candidates should submit their /Curriculum vitae/ and two reference letters to Paola Minoprio,pmm@pasteur.fr , dead-line April 15^th 2012.

FRM Project : «Optimization of proline racemase /TcPRAC/ inhibitors to treat Chagas' disease» ; 12 months postdoctoral fellowship, from September 1st 2012 - August 31th 2013.

2) Appel Blanc international avec la Chine (accord ANR-NSFC)

1. Sciences et technologies de l'information

2. Chimie verte ou chimie durable


Date limite de soumission: 21 mars 2012 à 13 heures (heure de Paris)

3) Programme Xu Guangqi de l'ambassade de France en Chine

Ce programme soutient les coopérations dans leur phase de démarrage. La date limite de dépôt de candidature est fixée au 6 mars 2012. Site: http://www.egide.asso.fr

4) Partenariats Hubert Curien (PHC)

Programmes du ministère des affaires étrangères et européennes et du ministère de l'enseignement supérieur et de la recherche. Ces programmes ont pour objectif de développer les échanges S&T d’excellence entre les laboratoires de recherche des deux pays et s’articulant autour de thèses en cotutelle (à défaut en codirection) par les laboratoires français et du pays concerné par le PHC.

Toutes les informations relatives aux partenariats PHC sont sur http://www.egide.asso.fr/phc

-PHC Cai Yuanpei (Chine): date limite de candidature 20/03/2012.

-PHC PRAD (Maroc) : date limite de candidature le 30/03/2012

-PHC Van Gogh (Pays Bas) : date limite de candidature le 31/05/2012

5) Le Conseil européen de la recherche (European Research Council) ouvre ses appels d'offre pour les advanced grants 2012. Ces financements sont réservés aux chercheurs de très haut niveau ayant soutenu leur thèse depuis au moins 12 ans, qui souhaitent mener un projet de recherche exploratoire dans tous les domaines de la science et de la technologie.

Dates limites de candidature :

16 février 2012 (Sciences physiques et ingénierie)

14 mars 2012 (Sciences de la vie)

11 avril 2012 (Sciences humaines et sociales)

Ces financements sont ouverts aux chercheurs étrangers qui souhaiteraient venir travailler dans un laboratoire européen.

Toute information utile sur : http://www.eurosfaire.prd.fr/news/consulter.php?id=6356

6) Medicine for Malaria Venture (MMV)

Title: 10th Call for proposals for Malaria Drug Discovery, Development and Clinical Capacity Building Projects

MMV welcomes proposals in the context of drug discovery and development or capacity building. MMV has identified four basic categories of indications for antimalarial treatment:

(a) The hits‐to‐lead stage for new families of molecules specifically addressing the key priorities of the malaria eradication agenda: transmission blocking and prevention of P. vivax relapse.

(b) Proposals for chemical series with the potential for P. falciparum chemoprevention or blood stage efficacy as a result of long‐half lives are encouraged, though the project should already have initial confirmation of in vivo oral blood stage activity.   Early target validation falls outside of our mandate.

(c) In the clinical arena, new chemical entities.

(d) Applications regarding capacity building to develop new sites for first‐in‐patient testing of these new molecules, including both blood stage, transmission blocking and P. Vivax anti‐relapse capabilities.

The prime area of interest for MMV is for agents that fall into the first category of affordable treatment for non‐severe malaria in children, pregnant women and adults as we currently see this as the area of greatest medical need. MMV’s ultimate goal is to be able to develop treatments that are completed with a single dose (certainly no more than once a day dosing for three days) so as to ensure patient compliance, have a low cost of goods and which are likely to have activity against artemisinin‐resistant strains

Deadline: Deadline for receipt of letters of intent March 15th, 2012

Further information: more information about the call and application procedure is available at http://www.mmv.org/research-development/10th-call-proposals

Title: MMV Challenge Grant

Proposals are expected to be at the concept stage (i.e. no prior experimental work is required) and to last no more than a year. These Challenge Grants will be prioritized based on scientific merit and according to the MMV strategy, and can constitute:

a)  Screening: testing the MMV Malaria Box against malaria and other parasitological assays

b)  Medicinal Chemistry: perform hit‐to‐lead or optimization chemistry on any anti‐malarial series

c)  Translational and Clinical Development: new methods to study or validate the inhibition of P.vivax relapses or the interruption of transmission

Number of Awards: 10 grants of 50000 USD each

Deadline: Deadline for receipt of letters of intent March 15th, 2012

Further information: more information about the call and application procedure is available athttp://www.mmv.org/research-development/10th-call-proposals

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