4 December 2011

Biotecnología microbiana y biomedicina

IBBTEC (Universidad de Cantabria)
 Contacto correo-e:hrvoje.petkovic@unican.es
Short description:
Microbial biotechnology and its industrial applications in biomedicine: development of products of interest for our health, especially medicine and other applications.

Requirements and profile of candidate:

-       We seek an individual with the capacity to innovate at the interface of biochemistry, molecular biology, natural products and semi(synthetic) chemistry and pharmaceutical sciences. Experience in drug discovery work is desired. Applicants with a strong background in biochemistry or related biomedical science disciplines who are interested in interdisciplinary research are particularly welcomed. The work will be carried out in close collaboration with an industrial partner. Therefore, an ability to be proactive, productive and to work effectively with in teams is required. The successful candidate will be expected to carry out and lead activities such as:
-       • General molecular and cell biology techniques
-       • Tissue culture work
-       • Developing relevant cell based and biochemical assays

The successful candidate will be expected to:
• Work collaboratively with academic or industrial collaborators to support R&D programs
• Design, plan and execute scientific experiments with moderate supervision
• Analyze, interpret scientific data, independently review current literature and suggest new directions
• Organize data and reports for presentations at project meetings, actively contribute to the preparation of grants, actively support the preparation of academic publications and documentation related to IP
• Good communication skills and fluency in written Spanish and English languages are required

Conditions offered and required documentation
The selected candidate will be offered the following:
• A work and service contract which will begin after official resolution of the public announcement and will end with termination of the principal researcher’s contract (31st October, 2014).
• A salary in accordance with their aptitudes, title and experience, ranging between 31,000-42,000 Euros.
Once the present contract has been fulfilled, the University of Cantabria or the Associate Research Centre could offer the possibility of an indefinite contract in agreement with current laws.

Presentation of the following documentation is necessary:
•       Application form indicating the name of the post being applied for.
•       Curriculum vitae
•       Copy of ID or Passport
•       Copy of the document accrediting the Title of Doctor
•       Name and contact details of three or more professional references
•       A two-page description of their experience and research interests which are relevant to the post being covered and a description of their scientific interests (in English).

 Filling out applications, presentation date and dates for starting the contract
Applicants should duly fill out the corresponding papers for the Project, which will also be available on the following websites:


Información complementaria de la oferta:
Presentation of applications will end on 22nd December, 2011.
Candidates can contact the principal researcher (Dr. H. Petkovic) to obtain additional information about the post: hrvoje.petkovic@unican.es

About the Institution
The Institute of Biomedicine and Biotechnology of Cantabria (IBBTEC).  The Institute of Biomedicine and Biotechnology of Cantabria (IBBTEC) is a joint centre of the University of Cantabria, the Spanish Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) and the Government of Cantabria.  One of the objectives is to promote research in biomedicine and biotechnology, both basic and applied.

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