19 July 2011

postdoctoral positions in G.Stacey laboratory

Two postdoctoral positions are available immediately in the laboratory of Prof. Gary Stacey at the University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, USA. The first position relates to our continuing studies of the systems biology of the soybean root hair cell (see Trends in Plant Science 15:641). The second position relates to our studies on the role of chitin as an elicitor of plant disease resistance (see Plant Cell 20:471). The laboratory is highly productive and the successful candidate will be joining excellent teams working on these projects.  The successful candidates should have excellent training in genetics, molecular biology and/or biochemistry with clear evidence of past research productivity.  With regard to the chitin project, applicants should demonstrate a strong background in plant pathology or related area. Further information about the laboratory can be obtained at http://www.staceylab.missouri.edu/.
Candidates should submit a cover letter indicating their interest in one of the two positions and detailing experience and past research success. Include a copy of your curriculum vitae and submit three references letters attesting to your suitability for this position. Send all information via email to: staceyg@missouri.edu

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