5 July 2011

Ofertas de trabajo en Lyon


The  Institut de Génomique Fonctionnelle de  Lyon  (IGFL) currently hosts 10 groups and is hiring 8 additional groups in line with its scientific expansion. The IGFL is run by the ENS de Lyon, CNRS, and Université Lyon 1. The Institute is relocating, early 2012, to occupy a newly commissioned 3200 m2 building, within a multidisciplinary campus. The new location will host approximately 200 scientists and staff.

Current and future research at the IGFL focuses on integrative biology, developmental biology, evolutionary sciences and bioinformatics/modeling at the genomic scale.  IGFL groups  will  access state-of-the-art core services, including high throughput sequencing technologies, imaging, transgenic animal facilities (mouse, fish, drosophila), paleogenomics, bioinformatics, mass spectrometry, proteomics, FACS sorting, histology and electron microscopy.

The IGFL proposes three distinct calls for outstanding group leaders:

#1-2011 Non-thematic call Open call for group leaders addressing whole-organism level research, with a special focus on animal-based research falling within the scientific mission of the Institute.

#2-2011 Developmental biology In order to reinforce this  research axis at the IGFL, this call targets group leaders investigating developmental mechanisms using established animal models (eg drosophila, zebrafish, mouse etc).

#3-2011 Systems biology / bioinformatics The IGFL is also seeking to recruit groups performing research on whole genome data analysis, gene regulatory networks, modeling of biological processes etc... in order to significantly contribute to our functional understanding of genome structure and evolution. These groups are highly encouraged to collaborate with experimental (wet) labs.

Applications (in English, specifying the call reference in the subject line) should include curriculum vitae, a short description of achievements and records of self-financing, a proposed research program of approx. 10 pages and contact details for 3 professional references. The deadline for applications is July 17th 2011. Please send as a single PDF named LASTNAME_IGFL_2011.pdf  to direction.igfl@ens-lyon.fr Enquiries should also be directed to this address.

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