14 June 2011

Two-year postdoc position available in Murcia (Spain)

Postdoctoral position in Immunology, Inflammation and Cancer at the Department of Cell Biology and Histology of the University of Murcia, Murcia, SPAIN.

We are seeking for a highly motivated postdoctoral researcher at the group of Professor Victoriano Mulero for applying for a two-year postdoctoral contract starting February 2012. 
Our laboratory is studying the impact of inflammation in cancer development using the zebrafish as a model. Special emphasis is given to TLR and cytokine signaling in cancer progression and aggressiveness. The methods used include in vivo imaging, gain- and loss-of-function experiments in zebrafish by classical morpholino and RNA microinjection as well as site-directed mutagenesis using zinc-finger nucleases, angiogenesis and metastasis assays, infection models, microarray analysis, as well as biochemistry and molecular biology. More details about our group can be found at: http://www.um.es/nisoft/victor1.htm.
The goal of the project is to identify the mechanisms involved in the impaired metastasis of malignant cancer cells observed upon genetic manipulation of tumor necrosis factor receptor signaling in endothelial cells.

The successful candidate should hold a PhD in biochemistry, biology, biotechnology, medicine or equivalent. Applicants should have a strong background in at least one of the following fields: 1) zebrafish, 2) live cell imaging, 3) molecular biology, 4) immunology, 5) cancer. All nationalities are very welcome.

Eligibility criteria:
1. Applicants must hold a doctorate degree before the start of the fellowship (February 2012)
2. Applicants must have at least one publication as first author (either accepted, in press or published) at the time of the deadline (31st August 2012)
3. Candidates are eligible for a period of 4 years following successful completion of their PhD at the date of the deadline (exceptions for maternity/paternity leaves and other documented special circumstances).
4. Researchers who have resided or carried out their main activity in Spain for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to the call deadline are not eligible. Short stays such as holidays, will not be taken into account.

The application will be open 5th June and the deadline will be 31st August. This call is one of the actions of the Campus Mare Nostrum 37 /38, a joint effort of international organizations, research centres, technology parks, companies and the administration, which seeks to transform the Region of Murcia into a pole of international, high-quality education, science, business and culture in the Mediterranean area. More details can be found at: http://www.campusmarenostrum.es/convocatorias.html.
We offered an excellent atmosphere at both lab and outside (http://www.murciaturistica.es/en/tourism.home) for developing an exciting project in the front of knowledge and enjoy science.

Interested applicants are requested to directly contact Prof Mulero before submitting their applications. Please email your application (including covering letter, CV, publication list, as well as three references with contact details) to vmulero@um.es.

Facultad de Biología Departamento de Biología Celular e Histología Campus Universitario de Espinardo. 30100 Murcia T. 868 887581 – F. 868 883963 – www.um.es/ nisoft/victor1.htm

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