14 June 2011

Postdoctoral position available CIC bioGUNE

 Contacto correo-e:acarracedo@cicbiogune.es
A postdoctoral investigator position funded by CIC bioGUNE is available under the supervision of Dr Arkaitz Carracedo at the Proteomics Unit. CIC bioGUNE is a research institute located in Bizkaia Technology Park near Bilbao (www.cicbiogune.es). The institute is integrated into a multidisciplinary environment set up to foster scientific excellence.

Candidates must have:

-Solid experience in molecular biology, biochemistry and cell biology techniques and in vivo mouse modeling work, and should be familiar with cancer cell signaling and metabolism.

-At least 2 year postdoctoral research experience.

The research in our lab is focused on identifying key features of cancer cells and on understanding the molecular and biochemical features underlying their behavior. In particular, we are interested in investigating how changes in cellular metabolism impact on cancer pathogenesis and progression, and how this knowledge can be used for cancer therapy. To address this question, we employ molecular and cellular biology as well as biochemistry techniques, while translating this knowledge in vivo through the use of appropriate mouse models of cancer, such as those of prostate cancer.

Información complementaria de la oferta:
For more information please contact Arkaitz Carracedo (acarracedo@cicbiogune.es). The interested candidates should forward their CV, cover letter and 2 reference letters.

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